At ATS, our focus is quality - not quantity. We're not a high volume producer, so we can provide you with railroad ties, switch ties, bridge timbers and other products promptly. Our manufacturing capabilities include an experienced team, an extensive production facility and substantial on-site inventory. We provide standard services such as incising and nail-plating, and we welcome custom or out-of-the-ordinary work including bridges, crossings, pre-plated ties, tapered ties and more. And, thanks to our fleet of delivery vehicles and network of reliable trucking contractors, your orders are delivered on time wherever you need them.


Crossties and Switchties
High quality ties, including nail-plating, S-irons, pre-plating and incising, made to your specifications.
Bridge Timbers and Crossings
We source a variety of materials including good quality oak and southern yellow pine for bridges and crossings.
Landscape and Relay Ties
Thanks to our tie disposal service, we're able to process materials into high quality relay ties and landscape timbers.
Azobe Timbers
We source this African tropical hardwood, which requires no treatment, for use in wet areas, tunnels and high speed curves. We maintain an inventory of the most commonly used sizes at our Sutton, West Virginia production facility.

Tie Disposal Program
We can dispose of your old railroad crossties on return loads or in gondolas to a siding near our facility. You load the material, and we take care of the rest.

Fuel and Wood Waste
Our manufacturing wood waste is available for fuel, mulch and other supplemental uses.